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Jason Higgins

Penetration Tester/Software Developer

Who am I?

I am Jason Higgins. I'm capable of many things, but specialize in Software Development and Ethical Hacking.

My interests span multiple categories, but all of them involve one common element. Creativity. I am an artist, a composer, a developer, a hacker, a game designer. I am a doer of things. My crowning traits include being a dedicated learner and having the ambition to take a seed of an idea and grow it into something workable and useful. I love working in team environments to develop ideas alongside working relationships.

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What do I do?

Software Development

I have experience working with several languages and technologies, but feel most at home with .NET. I have developed numerous applications, including working on projects involving real-time automated stock trading, market analysis, video game development, automated hacking tools and much more.

Ethical Hacking

I am actively interested in the fast-paced battle of online security. Working as a penetration tester, I perform ethical hacking to prove vulnerabilities and to discover new ones. I specialize in web application testing, examining common online workflows to find software bugs and other holes that may lead to a possible threat. I have also written numerous scripts and tools to aid in the testing process.

Game Design

Working with a long time friend from high school, we've cofounded Analog Casual Studios. We have published two games currently on the market and are looking for talented team members to help publish our third. I have been responsible for every aspect of the game development and design process at different points in time, including coding, 3D modelling, writing and recording music, marketing and publishing.

What have I done?

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